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Make it Selkit

Selkit is a homecare beauty device brand founded upon the technology and production lines of She n B, a 19-year-old medical device manufacturer specializing in medical devices.

Selkit aims for Beautiful Moments, and leads a Life Style that is free and creative in design and convenience.

Our name Selkit is a combination of “self” and “kit”, thereby implying that we make “tools that let us take care of ourselves.”

Selkit’s devices capture our desire to look beautiful anytime, anywhere.

Add Selkit to the daily lives of any person in order to create a Beautiful Moment.

Selkit will present you with beauty to every moments in life.

Always /

Designed to always fit into your living space

Comport /

Easy instructions that puts user first

Enjoy /

Bring joy to your future

Health /

Additional features that benefit your health

Trust /

Constant research to reward you for your trust

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