A. Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged. If not used for long periods of time, the battery may naturally be discharged. If placed on the cradle, remove it and turn the power on/off.

A. Even if the power button is not turned off, it will be automatically shut down after 3 minutes. When using the function at a low battery level, it may end without additional message.

A. Turn on the power and active RF Action Mode. Suction mode can be activated only while the RF Action Mode is running.

A. Completely adhere the device to the area you wish to apply the product. Replace the oil shut-off filter if it does not operate after tight adhesion.

A. Make sure the product body is correctly aligned with the charging cradle. The charging cradle must be connected using a designated adapter. Wipe the inner and rear terminals of the cradle with a cotton swab to prevent foreign substances from getting stuck.

A. The suction mode will make it difficult to move the device. Please remove the device from the skin and attach it again. Or try adjusting the step of the suction mode.

A. Typically a complete charging takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes, and the front light of the cradle will change to blue once the charging is complete. (In touch button devices, the front light of the cradle will change to white.)

A. Lock function is activated automatically 5 seconds after the operation of the RF mode or suction mode. To disengage the locking function, slide-touch the three buttons from suction to power. (See image) After unlocking the touch button, lightly press the desired function button.

Image module

A. First check if the Rumi is properly placed on the cradle. If it does not charge well even when it is properly placed on the cradle, check the connection of the cradle and the adapter. If the charge is not successful after this, you can check if the adapter or the cradle is dysfunctional by directly connecting the adapter to Rumi device. If there is a problem with the cradle or the device, please send us an email and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

A. The charging time may vary depending on the charging voltage. It may take up to six hours, so it is recommended to charge the device before going to bed. Additionally, Rumi’s light on its lower logo will flash once it has been fully charged. If the light does not flash even after a prolonged period of charging, please check whether the device is working and contact our customer service for a prompt response.

A. The upper button of Rumi is designed to respond to even light touches. One button can control both the device’s operation mode and intensity, so it will be operated just by lightly pressing the button. If you press and hold the button, it may not work or make an error warning sound. If the device still does not work when you press the button lightly, please contact our customer center for a prompt response.

A. Rumi is a device that helps improving your skin condition and the absorption of cosmetic solutions through electric current and skin stimulation. The perceived vibration and current may vary from individual to individual. If you do not feel a difference in intensity even after having increased the level, please check the state of charging. The intensity may not feel as strong if the device has not been charged properly or is on low battery.

A. Rumi is a device that helps improving your skin condition and the absorption of cosmetic solutions through electric current and skin stimulation. You may feel an electrical tingling sensation depending on the type of skin and the cosmetic solution. If you have a strong feeling of irritation, we recommend you to use it on a low intensity. In addition, the tingling feeling increases with water-rich products such as serum and moisture cream, so try using with cream in case of excessive irritation.

A. Please check the charging status of the product. If the product does not turn on still, please contact our customer support for a prompt response.

A. As Rumi is an electrical current product, it is recommended that you use a product with water-friendly components. We recommend moisturizing proucts such as serum and moisture cream, except for oil products. All basic cosmetics line can be used. However, please do not use make-up products.

A. Rumi is designed to be used on the face, so it is not recommended to be used outside of the area indicated for usage.

A. Rumi is equipped with basic waterproofness, but it is not waterproof for every daily object. Rumi is designed to be used with basic cosmetics, and does not fit the purpose of cleansing or makeup products. Failure due to water ingress is not eligible for an A/S, so usage in humid places such as toilets is not recommended.

A. Check the connection of the device and adapter. Press power button and see if numbers are displayed on the screen.

A. Check the suction filter before usage. If foreign substances are stacked on the suction filter, the suction may not function properly. Also, it can result in device failure if the suction filter is not changed or not used. Therefore, make sure to check the suction filter before use. Check the suction filter and check the connection of the suction hose to the back of the product.

A. After setting the time, press the Start button to activate the suction. When using the suction, use the control button to adjust the intensity.

A. Check your instruction tips. Use diamond tips for exfoliating. Check if the surface is covered with dead skin. If not cleaned properly, the exfoliation may not be performed smoothly. Be sure to clean the tip surface with the included cleaning brush before use.

A. Ensure that the area is flat by pressing it with your fingers. If the suction intensity is too strong, use the control button to adjust it.

A. The device is not a chargeable device. Please use the adapter to use it.

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