A. Make sure the battery is sufficiently charged. If not used for long periods of time, the battery may naturally be discharged. If placed on the cradle, remove it and turn the power on/off.

A. Even if the power button is not turned off, it will be automatically shut down after 3 minutes. When using the function at a low battery level, it may end without additional message.

A. Turn on the power and active RF Action Mode. Suction mode can be activated only while the RF Action Mode is running.

A. Completely adhere the device to the area you wish to apply the product. Replace the oil shut-off filter if it does not operate after tight adhesion.

A. Make sure the product body is correctly aligned with the charging cradle. The charging cradle must be connected using a designated adapter. Wipe the inner and rear terminals of the cradle with a cotton swab to prevent foreign substances from getting stuck.

A. The suction mode will make it difficult to move the device. Please remove the device from the skin and attach it again. Or try adjusting the step of the suction mode.

A. Typically a complete charging takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes, and the front light of the cradle will change to blue once the charging is complete. (In touch button devices, the front light of the cradle will change to white.)

A. Lock function is activated automatically 5 seconds after the operation of the RF mode or suction mode. To disengage the locking function, slide-touch the three buttons from suction to power. (See image) After unlocking the touch button, lightly press the desired function button.

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