A. Check the connection of the device and adapter. Press power button and see if numbers are displayed on the screen.

A. Check the suction filter before usage. If foreign substances are stacked on the suction filter, the suction may not function properly. Also, it can result in device failure if the suction filter is not changed or not used. Therefore, make sure to check the suction filter before use. Check the suction filter and check the connection of the suction hose to the back of the product.

A. After setting the time, press the Start button to activate the suction. When using the suction, use the control button to adjust the intensity.

A. Check your instruction tips. Use diamond tips for exfoliating. Check if the surface is covered with dead skin. If not cleaned properly, the exfoliation may not be performed smoothly. Be sure to clean the tip surface with the included cleaning brush before use.

A. Ensure that the area is flat by pressing it with your fingers. If the suction intensity is too strong, use the control button to adjust it.

A. The device is not a chargeable device. Please use the adapter to use it.